What Is The Best Crypto Mining Software?

The answer is simple: it depends. Crypto-currency mining has created a completely new genre in the world of technology. We are always asking ourselves which mining software to use? And if you take into account that altcoins are constantly being released, modified and improved you will probably soon be answering the same question for each one.

Should I start mining Monero (XMR)? This question is bound to pop up in all circles related to crypto-currencies, since Monero is currently among the best performers on the market. However, XMR specifications made this coin so attractive that it can even quickly give back its gains if someone cuts corners by not opting for professional equipment and potential hashrates decreases slightly. If you’re considering investing in Monero – keep reading! Does Zcash Mining Software Really Work? Unfortunately, no software exist for this crypto-currency which would allow users to mine or “set up your own private pool.” One of our readers wrote us saying he downloaded ‘zcashminer’, but alas said his Windows system was too old (compromised) to work with the application.[…]

Mining Pools Report Still Scams Is there any way at all to get free Bitcoins other than spending thousands of dollars on electricity/software contract fees? Even better still; do we have any scam sites about how folks really get their coins without having wasted money on contracts over years looking for an alternative while paying through their noses doing nothing like that? What does that say