What Is The Best Crypto To Day Trade?

We were not able to find the minimum amount that can be traded or also know if this feature is available or planned.

How much will I need to start trading?

To start trading, an account minimum of $100 is required. All traders must have a MyCoin Account and be 18 years old and older. (A Cryptopay account may be used for deposit and withdrawal however Cryptopay has limited functionality) If you wish to trade without disclosing your identity you will need a KYC check through IDnow, we recommend completing it prior to starting your trading session in MyCoin. There are no verification requirements for open order execution, but please note that there are limits on how many orders per trader can be executed at any given time. Trades may only be placed once per 2 hours by any given user during the selected day of operation. The allowance for buy/sell operations is configurable however trades may only be placed once per 2 hours regardless of limit settings – this means that if an order is placed more than twice before another order is permitted then all previous orders are removed from queue until the limit resets after two hours have elapsed since creation of an order has been initiated by a trader with appropriate limits enabled . You can view your status on Tasks tab under ‘Status’ section of your personal dashboard – https://mycoinplatform.com/dashboard/?tab=status&s=1 . This dashboard also gives access to notifications regarding fresh new tasks opp