What Is The Best Exchange To Use To Buy Xrp Ripple?

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8)Where should I store my XRP ?

8 Answer: If you want to keep your XRP safe from hackers, then don’t keep your coins on an exchange you’re not sure is secure from hackers anymore. As soon as they do get hacked that’s it’s all done and dusted for those coin holders as well as the exchanges that got them into trouble in the first place…I would recommend using a different wallet – these are simple programs coded by people who understand computers and security to use for storing your coins safely offline ! The safest way of doing this ? That’s a good question which takes me back to our last topic ‘How can I be sure what kind of crypto currency I’m dealing with’

I think any wallet could be safe – even free wallets like Electrum or Copay from BitPay !! Your coins will still be there if that particular exchange got hacked too !! Other types of wallets ? Well there are many types available but if we look at online ones then cold storage will mean something else isn’t needed so we won’t go into much detail about those now..Using your phone as an offline wallet would also work well but again we’ll discuss how exactly do you do this later in this article…however, before we