What Is The Best Gpu For Crypto Mining?

In the same vein as the question mark, what is the best gpu for crypto mining depends. I’m working on an alternative version of this guide and will eventually post it here: Link.

You may even want to try out Gridseed’s PirateBox – a small miner that looks surprisingly like a Raspberry Pi with HDMI output – which keeps you nice and tidy by only needing one fan, has many I/O pins (two usb 2.0 ports) and costs about $30. It won’t make you rich but could be used as a gift or maybe your very first bitcoin miner. Here is my review of it: Pirate Box Review: A great gift for those just getting started in mining but don’t want to go all-in on something more expensive yet uncertain of whether they even will turn a profit. Built around Gridseed G-Blade ASIC chips. Miners run away with about 4Khash per chip using Linux “EclipseMCU v4” software available at GitHub https://github.com/eclipsemcu/cgminer-for_gridseed_asic You can also mine Litecoin or other scrypt coins such as DigiByte via cexio so if you want to experiment with any other coin just plug them into cexio easily!. Very simple setup guide available at ZeroTechLab website here https://luckybitcoinsafelyuseandprofitsonlyreviews