What Is The Binance Fee For Credit Card Purchase?

With Binance having been one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges for quite some time now, it is interesting to see that they continually improve their service offerings. In 2018 alone, they have rolled out over a handful of new features that make trading on the platform more user-friendly and intuitive. The latest addition is a credit card purchasing option – something that has only been available since 2017’s early months – but still remains largely unused. You can now finally use your charge card or credit card to purchase Bitcoin with a suitable fee structure in place.

Why does this come as a surprise? Well, there are several reasons why not everyone opts to use credit cards while trading cryptocurrencies. On one hand, you lose flexibility when using an expensive point-of-sale device like credit cards; on another hand however, there are other ways which offer greater ease and convenience; less transaction fees to name an example (and Binance implemented this feature long ago). So what you should keep in mind should be how much money do you want to spend every time you need to buy bitcoins? If it is above $20 then perhaps FXCC could be worth checking out instead of other similarly priced services; otherwise the rest of us will need Bittrex’s binance coin exchange review 2018 to get onto our preferred platforms.