What Is The Chance Of Finding A Dogecoin Block??

> also why do people think this is okay despite the obvious problems with it?

Yoimblin, could you clarify what you mean by chance?I don’t believe that it has any significant effect, but if I remember correctly, mining rewards are based on uncles. And since every block must always reference an uncle, there’s no difference in odds of finding a block. I’m not sure how things work near the beginning when the chain starts (because I don’t track or work with anything before 2009), but once this problem starts to be bad in 2010-2011 it will become evident very quickly.You do know that security through obscurity comes at a cost, yes? The cost is lost money due to the protocol being insecure until one day everyone realizes their loss and stops using it ? Is that good enough for you ?If there was only 1 person working on Dogecoin then maybe they would have made more progress than if they had 30+ people working on this project over at least 5 years like Bitcoin did. But because Dogecoin benefits from having many developers (and especially when they were all volunteers), the progress has certainly been slower; but at least we’ve still seen great strides forward in technology and innovation in general which helps provide value for people wanting to use Dogecoin… which is pretty much everyone =)Thanks for your contribution to these forums! Have fun chasing your goals Yoimblin ! Can you explain how the probability of finding a block changes