What Is The Cost Of One Bitcoin?

” and caught the attention of several prominent newspapers and blogs. He’d heard plenty about bitcoin — even written about it — but he found himself sitting on a couch at the bar of his old college with a tall glass of Jim Beam in one hand and a copy of Newsweek open to the article that had captured his attention.

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And so began an obsession with what is probably humanity’s first online cryptocurrency, one that has grown larger than life over the past six months as its value has risen to over $15,000 per coin. And while Bakk could lash out at CNBC or New York Times articles that cast doubt on bitcoin, it was more interested observers who got under his skin. He vented frustration with these non-believers by posting weekly updates on social media outlets where readership could see them rant against every questions they didn’t like asked by reporters or critiques provided by others including myself or others within Reddit’s Bitcoin community, which includes people from around the world speaking their native languages through worldwide Skype calling lines. That last bit is important because according to several top ranking members I spoke with who have taken part in this growing pushback effort, terms like “dumpster fire” are being bandied about instead of “bubble” where before major publications were using it as an example alongside