What Is The Format For Coinbase To Binance Transfers?

Hi, can someone answer me my question: is it possible to make a coinbase to binance transaction. why not, because i also transfered my whole money to binance and still no help

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LegendaryActivity: 2576Merit: 1053 Re: Binance suspended withdrawl of bitcoin cash (BCC) August 30, 2017, 08:04:29 AM #7 Quote from: btcpimp on August 29, 2017, 10:58:26 PM Great news as I was prepared for the worst and now we will be able to see how high we can price BCH. My thoughts are so far 5000$ per BTC is what we need and maybe more if things pan out with fees and processing times for traders’ profits… Very exciting tho guys. We all know this could go very high but with this many coins in one wallet its still just speculation until we actually see some trades that require big payoffs which may or may not happen soon. The pumps will come before miners start mining bc cashing out during uptrends only makes sense if you’re planning on holding your coins after they’ve been pumped up even higher by dumping more btc on an exchange at their peak prices… It’s also likely incidents like this will start happening again as people become more aware of how exchanges work on a regular basis whether or not