What Is The Highest Xrp Is Likely To Go?

Hello all,

I am reaching out to you as a “less than 10 years old” (31) investor in the crypto space with the aim of building a following for myself. I have had the pleasure of being a cryptocurrency enthusiast for over 3 years and have seen Wall St. give us great trading opportunities and I believe we are starting to see some new technology come online. From a high school kid on a computer at home to snarky tweets from CEO’s of major companies on Twitter I have been able to witness this industry blossom from its infancy into something that truly has the potential to change our lives as individuals and as nations. As some of you know my largest contribution is an article that was posted just after Bitcoin hit $1,000 per BTC last year which was titled “Bitcoin won’t be worth anything, but it will make sure money works for everyone – Josh Crumb” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bitcoin-wont-be-worth-anything-but-it-will-make%C2%B4moneyworkforno one , I would love if people would take time out of their day today and read it again because it is still relevant today even with current events happening in the market place at present. Without further ado here is what this article contains:

* Financial Inequality 101 – A simplified explanation by someone who understands finance that puts us all on