What Is The Minimum Amount Of Bitcoin Needed To Purchase Xrp On Binance??

(18:53:13) martinlindgren: we will determine it after the first exchange (18:55:07) dansmith_btc: yeah, but if you had some coins and didn’t know xrp was going to moon on 9/7 (like i did) would you hold those coins or sell them? (18:56:40) martinlindgren: yes. i am more into holding btc than trading it (18:57:34) dansmith_btc : so, my question is – what is a smart move for a trader? buying bitcoins at a low price with no knowledge of what the future holds with XRP going good, bad or indifferent ? Or is it better to buy your last bitcoin at a higher high and then use that phone to trade. I guess the answer is somewhere in between right?