What Is The Next Big Crypto Coin?

It’s a hot topic in the crypto sphere, and there have been a number of big-name incumbents who have recently reached out to recruit their own private blockchains within their businesses. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has been especially vocal about his plan for why he thinks the technology is so vital. He believes “Ethereum will replace bitcoin as the dominant global currency” by 2020, and has even famously proclaimed that it is more than just another invention of humanity; It is “the first mover in what will be understood to be an evolution of decentralized systems.” Ethereum isn’t alone either; R3CEV believes its Corda platform could be how banks back big money transfers, Tether believes it can help digital exchanges go mainstream by opening up new methods of connecting them via blockchain projects like BitBays or Weiscoin, Microsoft wants its Cloud Blockchain project to revolutionize how companies interact with customers through customer service processes (via ZDNet), and more . Who knows what alchemists these potential future overlords will conjure up?

Genesis Block Trends

Today marks exactly five years since Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group launched very first publicized distributed ledger on BTC City Shinagawa location of Tokyo Japan. That was June 25th ,2016. The next two months were spent carrying out tests on open source HyperLedger code using Intel hardware acquired from Chain. Since then 4 further companies