What Is The Next Crypto Coin To Explode?

Why has Bitcoin not gone up as high as Ethereum?

Those are great questions, and I think it is a first time that we have a chance to answer. In this week’s podcast, Tristan D’Agostino and I will use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as examples of coins with similar characteristics.

We will show their performance charts compared to Bitcoin which they track most closely. We’ll talk about what makes them so interesting at the current moment for us — we’re Bitcoin maximalists — we believe in Bitcoin’s long term success — but why this is such an exciting time for the crypto-space right now since we’ve seen investors flock into these 5 coins which look like they can all go to $1,000 BTC over the next year or two. Why would you wanna put your money in those instead of Bitcoin? What if they don’t make it? Well you lose 100% on those 5 coins; whereas if you hold Bitcoin through its ups and downs like Charlie Kelly says “keep your money where your mouth is”; consistently buy, hold and HODLing as he called it; buying when others sell; selling when others buy — holding steady — then bam! If you follow that strategy for 10 years there is no question that whether or not Bitcoin crashes 70% like everyone thinks it could happen almost every ten years (we’ve been through 8 prior crash events), even 70% down IS NOTHING compared to getting off 1 minute