What Is The Point Of Staking Crypto?

” I’m sure you are all asking that same question right now. The central point is that crypto staking helps to grow your own investment, reduce the effective time required for keeping cryptocurrencies, and increases the value of your holdings by introducing more coins into circulation. Not only does it reward early adopters, but it also allows people with little coin to participate in the growth of cryptocurrency by allowing them to bank on future profits

What is Staker?

Staker is a protocol developed by Argon Group which works as an autonomous smart contract for exchange of tokens between users. This means unlike other staking protocols that have their own token or require users to purchase another coin to take part, Staker doesn’t have its own token which means anyone can stake any other coin. Stakers don’t hold any significant amount of collateral like other staking protocols like Graphene-powered StakePayments (SGAP), although they claim there is still some risk associated with taking part in this protocol without owning any other form of collateral). Any unused deposit will be returned after two consecutive days or if 45 days expire (whichever comes first) for declining stakes. Where funds are locked like via SGAP or Bitparking, they won’t be returned until both conditions are met at either end

How Does It Work For Newbies?

No knowledge about blockchain programming etc. needed. Anyone can read user documentation and follow instructions