What Is The Xrp Destination Tag For Exodus?

[–]adam_conrad [score hidden] 52 minutes ago(15|0)why does it matter? this is a good thing. these guys are the people who currently don’t have a choice, and indeed they make a lot of money doing what they do. trying to stop xrp from going to rich people will not only fail at making amonts of us poor folk richer…it also empowers the oligarchical corporatocracy that is very dear to crypto’s enemies inside / out of crypto / on the outside.[/quote] What you’re saying here partially addresses my concerns, depending on how it’s implemented. I understand why Opensauce would want open source code for blockchain explorer tools, but I don’t know if he’d be in favor of accepting ZRPs as BTCSV payment for block explorer fees or something like that. If there is no regulation in place in regards to setting prices, XRP may always trade below $0.25 in my opinion.