What Is The Yellow Price Next To The Main Price In The Binance Exchange?

The yellow price next to the main price in binance. Why is this? My understanding was that it is the transaction fee, but why would this happen? As said by @danhare15, there are no fees when buying crypto on Coinbase with fiat currency. I’ve also checked with Kraken and Binance who both confirm they have no fees either. But for some reason on binance my transactions are getting charged a small amount of money – sometimes even 100 micro-transactions + 4 confirmation times or something like that – before sending BTC/ETH/whatever into my account. It’s not an issue with USD-BTC pricing because if I send over 0.001 BTC then all the way through when I click ‘send’ nothing happens, so my funds haven’t changed hands at all. So where do these fees come from then?