What Percentage Of Ripple Xrp Will Be Destroyed?

I would assume that as with Bitcoin, the percentage is a result of how long the chain has been running. 16 years and we only lost 67%…..it’s hard to imagine it will be 100% destroyed in say 20-30 years tonight tonight at Ripple HQ they are not quite sure what will happen: “It could go both ways: It could be perpetual and never able to destroy anything and it’s just going to continue growing forever or it could just exist for a limited amount of time and then collapse.” We may never know which case we see exactly how much money they keep safe.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse predicted the XRP price would reach $1 by 2019, but most recently he stated he thought they would be valued at approximately $100 by December 2018, based on their global expansion efforts and increasing investor confidence due to positive press attention. I imagine Ripple already burns at least 50% per year (theoretically more if their burn rate hasn’t changed since last year). If they earn interest (which is where all those millions at Cybersmile reside) then this means instead of money evaporating into thin air you now have twice as much dormant cash sitting around doing nothing. This increases GDP by an order of magnitude as well as productivity – even though XRPs can’t buy things like cars with BTC (and vice versa), the same activity commensurate increase in GDP does wonders for our gross domestic product number. Again – this mirrors