What To Do When Your Binance Crypto Exchange Account Is Hacked?

For your security please double check your email address when submitting this form. Always try to use a different address when sending funds in the same transaction (e.g., if you are sending USD, send it to an ETH wallet). Do not leave any extra information in the comments field; do not attach attachments to your transaction; and do not disclose any sensitive details (e.g., API keys or private keys) via email/text message.

Receiving complete payment confirmation does NOT guarantee that this process will succeed, nor does it ensure against phishing attempts. All verified requests go through the Coinbase API which is available for public review at https://coinbase-api.github.io/. The API uses cryptographic signature functionality, which means that unlike regular text messaging or other forms of communication which can be forged or spoofed, all API requests must be signed with both the sender’s secret key AND with recipient key before money can be moved from one account to another within Coinbase accounts. If you encounter problems during this process, please reach out to support@coinbaseathena-cryptoexchange.com – we will track down problems quickly so you don’t have to wait too long for correction! Also feel free to reach out directly to our team about issues using this form: https://supportus4u@anycointalkusdexbiqzamepgkepghfdhjcjzcabagqhbakfpuh