What To Do With Coins Less Than 1 In Binance?

We made the conclusion that a binance coin with a low penetration of exchangeable assets can lead to a large influx into it. In most cases, the most popular coins in crypto space are easy to trade and have fast transaction times. Binance Coin takes time to confirm transactions thus one would need to wait for more time before they can be automatically converted into another asset or acceptable units. The fact that binance currently has only 2,49% of the total BTC trading volume might also lead people not to invest in them as they feel at risk of losing money on this process.

This is why we say that if you want your project out there then it pays off just write yourself a whitepaper and separate all your promises from it so that when someone reads between the lines they realize that you have given enough details about how you intend/will actually execute said promises without being too confusing for their brains.