What Will Bitcoin Be Worth In 2022?

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ETHNews spoke with Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys. He was asked about whether or not he believed that Bitcoin Cash could be a serious threat to Ethereum’s community. LUBIN: “Those are two different technologies. But I have to say it’s very hard for me to tell what value will carry bitcoin cash.” ETHNews asked him if he thinks that Ether is “the dominant platform of today?” LUBIN: “I think that is one of the most important questions facing society right now, but I’m not sure what the answer is.” ETHNews also asked him his thoughts on some other cryptocurrencies, including Ripple (RISE), NEO ( Colony ) and NEM ( XEM ). Here are Joe Lubin’s comments on those issues as well: ETHNEWS: Let’s talk first about Colony . Why do you think this project has had all the support it has received from industry executives over the past year? Perhaps because they see some benefit in using their funds or resources to develop their own version of Proof-of-Stake over other cryptocurrencies out there.. If you replied that you were wrong know too many investors who are already invested in companies like Coinbase ? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Oh wait, some people thought Tether would solve all problems with crypto. And so it reached $1… But either way…. QuoteQuotes CryptoBitcoinPostCryptoC