What Will Ethereum Be Worth In 2020?

The price of Ethereum has risen significantly since the beginning of 2017, with its value growing more than 1,000% from ~$8.32 to over $50 per Ether at time of writing this article. While many predict its value could crash down to 0 within the year (~Feb 2018) once the market crashes due to scalability issues on Ethereum’s network or if ICO projects fail.

However, there are several ways on how you can profit off this meteoric rise in price for Ethereum and cryptocurrency as a whole! While some investors choose to be patient and stick it out until ETH reaches new heights after multiple corrections this year, others are taking advantage of these troubled times by investing into assets that will likely succeed—Ethereum being one of them!

Investing into Ethereum is not only profitable but also fun given the potential returns for investments early this year. A new coin entry may also serve as an exit strategy once ETH hits new highs again in the following months—thus allowing you to enter your investment right back on another new entry instead…As far as I know, all original data is taken directly from Investopedia website (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/a/augurprojectbreachesnetworklimitationsjune302017).