When Did Coinbase Start Selling Ethereum?

Coinbase announced that new users and existing customers would be permitted to buy and sell Ether — the cryptocurrency’s native token — on its GDAX exchange.

But this is not – as you might be led to believe – a first for Coinbase:

Coinbase also offers Bitcoin trades, so it has been offering Bitcoin trading since 2014. And both Bitcoin and Ethereum are already available on Coinbase.com‘s simple user interface. The new service will allow customers access to more advanced investing tools such as margin lending and short selling on some of its products like Classic and Prime, two investment products based on the Ethereum technology (and thus based solely on ETC and ETH respectively).

But Why Now? No One Knows or Speculates Exactly… But we do know that 2017 was a Strong Year for all Coins! We also know Ethereum is growing faster than ever before … Let us know what you think by Chime in our Forums (or within WhatsApp) … Keep Trading Crypto With Good Traders Anyway