When Do You Have To Report Crypto On Taxes?



2:55:12 AM 2d 20h 54m Cyrus catches us with Medicham. Espeon levels up to 61! /u/GXRevolution 2014-07-30T02:54:59+00:00: 2d 20h 54m Croconaw takes out the Magikarp and we capture a lv 44 Moltres! /u/sandyxdaydream 2014-07-30T02:54:10+00:00: [Snark] What a magnificent Pokemon… I mean, WHAT A MAGNIFICENT FUCKING POKEMON! /u/flarn2006 2014-07-30T02:52:32+00:00: 2d 20h 52m Oh my god is that poor Slowking? His arms are as big as Magikarp’s head now. /u/sandyxdaydream 2014-07-30T02:51:23+00:00: 2d 20h 51m Curs_Of_Thunder might be getting lazy… He released Slowpoke and is sending opposing Pokemon at us now, and they can’t even hit Croconaw anymore. Surprised he didn’t send out his Liepard. Or Wingull. Or something else overcompensating for Sudowoodo’s terrible defenses until you realize Slowking has no moves 🙁 /u/sandyxday