When I Buy Bitcoin On Binance Where Does My Money Stay?

how much time does it take for binance to send money?

you can see exchange binance in the binance home page and you click on deposit/withdrawal.inside there,you will see your address under “addresses”line you need to check that your receiving address is correct and then just wait for the funds to show up.depending on how complicated your trade was,it could take a few minutes or 10s.if you want to make sure you do not transmit funds automatically when the transaction has been sent,then you simply click on MANUAL TRANSFER,deal with it like in any other website’s transfer section where they give you access and let the system handle everything (btc refund).don’t rely on automatic withdrawal unless what is said at source site says otherwise.when i buy bitcoin on binance where does my money stay?how much time does it take for binance to send money? +1 skype:sgthxbringner#1442 ask me anything about crypto exchange(sorry if already answered!)