When Is Binance Planing To Add Another Coin?

That would be awesome (and useful) for everybody Just saw this:So, when is binance planing to add another coin? That would be awesome (and useful) for everybody



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LegendaryActivity: 2058Merit: 1025 Re: Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked $40 Million USD June 13, 2018, 06:57:39 AM #18 Hi guys here is some more info on Binance. I dont know if any of the links still work but hopefully they do and it opens up more stuff on what happened and how Binance handled this event and what will happen next.. No way am I getting my money out unless they confirm it is safe. Glad you guys opened a thread of your own so we can get better info than me typing! One good thing about centralized system; if rigging occurs everyone will wake up to this! Why such a long time before proper security implemented?!!!!! On topic lets hope everything works out now !!!