When Is Ethereum Hard Fork?

Excited for the upcoming fork. For those that missed the initial price surge the last few days, it’s been a wild ride since then as now we’re up over 100% from my earlier reports on October 19th and now again today I’m seeing people world wide buy this coin up to $200 per coin. One of the hardest working teams out there – This team talked about migrating to POS only 3 months ago, after studying all aspects of POS, they found that it was not what they wanted to design their platform around. They studied other wallets like Lisk, Bitshares and others along with other blockchain based software to create an entirely new platform built around XEON high performance processors which would be able to handle any type of computing load you can throw at it. If you are thinking about buying Ethereum do so before the hard fork! Just remember if advisors are telling you this is NOT good time to buy – well ok then don’t listen to them… They never know what is coming next… Users can store Ethereums (ETC) in their Staking Wallet (https://wallet.ethereumclassic.org/), Bank Account or Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet like Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet).

Mist wallet for MacOS won’t sync with ethereum classic because “unknown” address? | MacStories Forums Dec 15, 2017 Though the split has shown no signs of slowing down since its launch on Friday , many original Ethereum developers see