When Is The Next Crypto Bull Run?

”, but I’m seriously considering starting a brand new blog about the stock markets. The only reason I haven’t is because . . .

Jayson Sachs: So what are you gonna say?

Eli “Elie” Littman: I don’t know. You tell me, Jason.

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A group of men at a table were gathered around the hotplate in their apartment when one man said to another, “So how come there are no stories or news on this hotplate?” “Because news has become so common it can be found everywhere. News is something that used to be delivered once every four years and now serves as the meal for each meal, day after day! It was rare and intimate before its migration into everything. Once it spreads out it loses its value, so why would anyone care about daily reports from places that have nothing to do with them? Amateurs could deliver the news via email today. That should be good enough for us since we don’t care enough about anything else anyways! Besides, if you want to monitor what everyone else is doing then just monitor your social networks—it’s all over there anyway! All these people who have been complaining lately—they’re just wannabes yearning for more attention from their homeboys’ groups. There’s always going to