When Is The Next Vote For Binance Listing?

Users who hold TRX in a specific wallet when the vote is complete will receive their tokens. Withdrawals from Bitfinex, Binance and Bittrex before the voting window has been closed will not be counted in the final result.

Accounts that go through KYC verification during the time of the vote will be eligible to receive tokens for partaking in this event. We encourage all token holders to ensure they have both their private key and seed phrase backed up in a secure location, as it’s not possible to recover lost or destroyed funds in a situation like this. Through ensuring your wallet is always backed up, you can rest assured that you would retain access to your tokens should the worst happen.

In terms of nodes being shutdown/censored by governments following this exchange listing – there are no rules preventing these exchanges from relocating service outside of countries where these laws exist. In fact, Binanace appears poised to comply with Syrian authorities request for tracking down culprits responsible for his country’s funds finding their way into Ethereum wallets – proof that exchanges could simply move out of countries finding themselves onerous towards cryptocurrency projects and users alike could lead them into actions which would inhibit development instead of achieving its aims entirely… despite what many may think might happen!