When Verified On Binance Does Limits Go Up?

i have a lot of loose cryptos and want to move them over, but i fear these massive pumps will get discounted

We are planning to expand trading pairs within the next 2-3 weeks or so. The actual process of adding new trading pairs is pretty quick, we don’t expect any substantial delays from this point on. But since all of our own projects run on top of Binance Chain, it is important that they are fully operational before we can start with expanding trade volume. We will eventually be able to add new trading pair for each project separately (we currently only support the 1.0 mainnet). I believe you referring to lunatiks (LUN) has one the most clear goals in order to integrate into ‘Binance Chain’. It applies blockchain technology where traditional business models do not function as well as what you mentioned above like advertising/casinos/etc. All 3 options seem like viable projects along its track towards becoming live applications (some may fail, some may succeed).I assume most members already know about Project Ubin. Basically they are creating an EOS subchain based around incentive system which is basically focused at increasing social interaction between participants through charity works and incentivizing users beyond holding tokens with profit sharing mechanisms amongst participants working together towards completing tasks, etc… This project also seems very interesting because unlike Lamden who has simply just created their own chain without having anything else expected out there yet they even hinted that there won’t be any fee attached per transaction certain