When Was Bitcoin Cash Added To Coinbase?

Bitcoin Cash has been added to the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin owners. Users of Bitcoin will be able to swap their Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash and convert these two currencies. The way it works is that you’ll only need to deposit Bitcoin in order for this process to begin. You can then choose which currency you’d like — Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash — and then buy however much you want off the other one, USD or EURO. This will not affect other cryptocurrencies on the Coinbase platform, but rather add a brand new crypto asset available from both exchanges and other platforms alike. If interested in learning more about how the system works, check out our complete guide here! https://www.reddit.com/r/BitcoinCash/comments/9g6tfn/we_are_coming_to_coinbasecomcomcom/?ref=share&ref_source=link On mobile devices just decrease font size

I have to say I am pretty disappointed with my initial BTC withdrawal from coinbase yesterday while writing this post… here goes: My transaction was approved at 11:10 est mon 9th sept 2017.. That was 8 hours ago.. In that time I could have gotten another 1%, OK let me get back to work now… My friend who got this tip from reddit last night said 2 days 2 confirmations makes it safe transactions… How long did that take? 3 hours? What did he do wrong? Did anyone else run into any problems