When Will Crypto Com Be Available In Ny?

why do you have to wait for 5crypto com?

The general consensus among the NYEX crowd seems to be that the NYEX is likely delisted in 4-6 weeks. To which I say — screw them, they are wrong, because this is a Ponzi scheme. But don’t listen to me, listen to this guy:


So please take my opinion with a grain of salt if you must, but the evidence clearly indicates that crypto-exchange withdrawals will begin within 4 weeks from now on NASDAQ or not! Is there any hard data out on when it will happen exactly? The best estimates seem to be around “April” but no one has been able to provide an exact date so far… And if we no longer have access at some future date then that would indicate that someone sold their coins and stole back ALL of their funds immediately after April 1st – quite simply a crime against all current users and investors who purchased coins over a year ago!We also don’t know how the SEC will react once they find out about this business venture – can they sue ? can they get people arrested ? What legal grounds would they use for such action???So lets assume folks read through my post above and understand why its important for everyone here in our community ( newbies & veterans alike)to