When Will Wanchain Be Open For Trading On Binance?

it is said that wanchain will be soon listed on binance, when it will be open for trading?

In January, even before their main net launch in Q1 2019, they launched a dual-token named WAN with the ticker WAN and a smart contract token named WIR to facilitate cross chain transfers between Ethereum and Wan.


The tokens tied to the WIR platform are all ERC20 utilities. There are no hardcaps or maximums on them—they can be created at your discretion. For example, I’ve created one for writing my blog post about how excited I am for Bi-DEX launching on Wan. It takes 0.01 ETH to create this post token (ERC20 Token), but anybody can submit it as long as you have met some basic requirements outlined by the protocol: https://docsend.com/view/n4g7wx5 . All purchases of new tokens are made with ETH since there’s no exchange listing it yet; you must use ETH if you want to make any purchase on the site.