When You Buy Xrp Are You Buying Ripple Cryptocurrency?

Did you say ripple? I mean, actually. You are actually buying xrp (ripple??). What do they know about XRP that I don’t???

Ripple is Ripple. And it’s not cryptocurrency that is featured at some stage of the new financial future. Let me say that again: Ripple is Ripple; it’s not Bitcoin or Ethereum or any other crypto coin… Ripples purpose has NOTHING to do with Bitcoin mining, nor its value depends on market speculation of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin or ethereum so get your facts straight people!

I get the point here but what about the 6 billion line “over $6B in 2015 for transactions processed across 80 countries by our customers”? That clearly states an amount associated with fiat money transactions until if perhaps someone could enlighten us further please? Every one of us investors have got used to all of these probably honest claims over their billions of dollars invested into it yet still don’t see how XRP fits into this picture and when we do there seems to be loose boundaries in explaining their motives for coming up with something called XRP.. The way they talk about using a system wide ledger can at times baffle us to no end as well as their ability to claim they use something the equivalent if not better than ripple….. Are we meant to believe all this time that everything was going along fine and then suddenly a day before xmas in