Where Can I Buy Miami Coin Crypto?

We will pay $100 when we get the funds to start this coin. We believe that in 2019, cryptocurrency will still be like a dirty word and transactions with it will make you feel like doing something illegal and shady. And we think that with Miami Coin (MCO), we can change all of it!Together we can make bitcoin more affordable for everyone by creating a decentralized micro-payment network similar to Venmo or Paypal but without the fees or restrictions like KYC/AML or money transfer limits.Miami Coin is an open source project aimed at making tokenization easy and straightforward, faster and cheaper than ever before! We all need hard money backing our hard work; something promising future value based on its usefulness in the present. It’s no secret that anything crypto related is struggling quite a bit, let alone new projects gaining popularity! But surely Miami Coin has a bright future ahead because of its built-in features such as: instant connects between peers over IP, standardization of crypto across blockchains, decentralization through proof of stake consensus or trustless voting via smart contracts For more information about the project please visit miami_coin website , follow us on Twitter @MiamiCoin , join us on Slack Linkedin , follow us on Facebook