Where Can I Buy Ripple Xrp On App?

upgraded an old one.. i bought it used a month or 2 back and it works fine for my needs. a little inconvenient to use the program on a PC with a keyboard/mouse but still easier than using the phone itself. there are some alternatives but not as easy to use. the only other option is instaXE, which is supposed to offer better enhanced features, but it requires buying a separate software that costs almost as much as this unit does new if you want.. i forgot about the 10 year warranty.. really? i thought for this price they would at least give 5 years of warranty from what i read online.i seem to recall hearing about others having issues with fitting the power supply in their case without removing a motherboard tray, but since mine is able to fit in most cases with no worries whatsoever, i guess its not too big of an issue…at first glance its looks ok.the HDTV option probably has more going on behind the scene so im going to have them go over it later today..would be nice if every TV had all those features instead of sticking us into boxes that support just tv’s within certain brand’s circles.definitely surprised by how good this thing is now that ive been using it for 3 days now.they assured me during our call yesterday afternoon that they will process and ship my order tomorrow (Wed) morning…next day Air Express (which took like 4 days).accepting returns and exchanges within 180 days