Where Can I Buy Safe Galaxy Crypto?

For Win10 & below, instructions are at the bottom. For Windows, instructions are on Ubercart/Jigoshop support page or in some chapter of this book. http://www1.cna.com/~hutchins_76/flipside-sotto-voce/guestbook

How do I mine it?

The simplest way to mine is with your CPU – you can use either CPU mining tools outlined above or the scrypt GPU miner here: https://github.com/Ubergoose/utgoose_0_8_1_gpu_miner. I recommend using these miners because they are easy enough for kids that have just built their first rig to get started mining safely and they are actively maintained for new features that have been added to be delivered quickly! When mining, set up a pool wallet address for submission of payouts so your earnings don’t depend on luck at pool hopping! A good video tutorial about setting up an Ubuntu server as a mining machine for both systems is available here . One thing to note is how much RAM you need for scrypt mining – if using Linux make sure it has plenty – 5GB+ (I’d suggest 8GB.) You’ll also want 8 processors (socket 1366 CPUs) instead of 4 (Sockets 1150 cpus) Also, keep in mind that usually scrypt coins like Sia require large amounts of RAM since each block requires scanning all already created blocks