Where Do You Buy Bitcoins To Send To Binance?

You have to buy Bitcoins, an alternative digital currency, on an exchange platform. These platforms are websites where you can trade your national currencies for Bitcoins. Some of the best platforms are Bitfinex.com, Coinbase.com and Kraken.com. Once you’re done buying Bitcoins, you send them to binance by transferring them there through an intermediary like BitPay or Coinmama (which is much faster).

Which countries do I need a bank account in?

Only Western Union transfers work instantaneously with no registration required; other methods may take 5 business days to process via SEPA transfer (Spain), BPI transfer (Philippines) or ACH transfer (United States). For more information please check out this FAQs page here: https://support.binance-labs.com/hc/en-us/articles/36000087480-What-is-Binance#what_are_my_payment_options