Where Does Bitcoin Get Its Value From?

It seems like a long and windy way to find out, but here we go:

Bitcoin is actually worth something (at the time of writing). It’s worth more than $1000 per unit. The price takes into account supply and demand. This is done by using an algorithm which tracks the quantity of bitcoins in the whole network over time as well as changes in those quantities. It then estimates what those prices will be for subsequent periods (for example ‘tomorrow’, 2 weeks from now’ or ‘next year’). The estimate is adjusted if necessary – up or down – to keep it at equilibrium with supply and demand. Then once a day this number is mined out so you can see how much each bitcoin actually costs everywhere today. If demand goes up, then someone may sell you some bitcoin for more money because there are fewer units being produced which makes them have less value. If demand goes down, then they would need to sell for less money because there are more units being produced which makes them have more value. This keeps their price close enough to the real-world price that people think it’s a good idea for lots of people to hold on to them rather than spend them right away which was going too fast before!! Or even enter trade deals based on knowing how much they’re really worth! Since bitcoin works as a digital currency it needs a centralised ledger system where all transactions happen between you and me now… We all know who those people are… those who created