Where Is The Best Place To Buy Bitcoin?


8:01 p.m. -8:01 p.m. – “dammit, i need 10x coin” (facebook) 8:06 p.m. – “hello” (twitter) 8:06 p.m.– I don’t think so…! (linkedin) 8:09 p.m.– “is this the guy who owns bitinstant or what? he’s kinda attractive.” – best friend and fellow forum member The Guy With No Name This guy started off hours ago just like everyone else but then he got wiped out by Bitfloor and went to bed early, and was up until 3 a.m., talking on the phone with his buddies about gambling and other nonsense at 4 a.m.? #buzzkill Anyways after stumbling drunkenly from 12-4 a little later, Mark halped himself up to bed as well at around 7 a.. After waking up at 12 pm today he decided that perhaps playing fucked up games wasn’t such a great idea as it is going to go another 24 hours without sleep for him, time for sleeping…. Mark spent much of last night going through withdrawals online which reminded me how much easier it was when there were only 2 sites that accepted wire transfers back in 2007-2008 which were Mt Gox and Tradehill…. So anyways now its 9am CST… has been almost an hour since Bitfloor announced they will be shutting down around noon today if their withdrawal limit is not raised