Where To Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card?

Crypto exchange Coinbase has started allowing users in the UK to buy and sell bitcoin with a debit card. You can also fund your account from bank or credit card.

Coinbase says: “We’ve been working closely with banks to make this possible, and we think these cards will simplify buying Bitcoin for many customers who don’t have a bank account,” explained David Marcus, Coinbase president. “For people living in Europe, the ability to use a debit card anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard is already available. Now we can offer it for Bitcoin as well.”

The feature came officially into effect on Wednesday this week after having been demonstrated at a private event in London just days prior by Marcus himself, Coinbase Vice President of Communications Michael Rohrs told The Independent UK. Orders placed via digital means are treated as external transfers which take up to two business days to process before funds are transferred back into an eligible customer’s fully-enabled Coinbase account.