Where To Sell Gift Cards For Bitcoin?



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Hero MemberActivity: 868 Re: BitcoinStore.com – Over 9000 BTC in sales! June 21, 2011, 10:13:13 AM #15 Quote from: frabbey on June 20, 2011, 05:59:06 PM I am interested in buying gift cards for my wife who is not into any of these “cloud computing” type things. How do you suggest I go about finding out how much to buy based on the number of transactions? Is there like a formula for this? For example if she had 450 BTC email orders would be ~$150 each which would make me $5K or so. Or should I sell her 100 BTC at 4 cents each (which is quite reasonable considering most people would pay more than they are worth) and my total revenue with 1000 orders @ 15 cents each is around $150K? How do you see it working out financially? It’s important that I know this before I start trying to get the order volume moved over to another exchange because currently my gateway is MtGox which can’t deal with regular payments through bitcoins. Thanks everyone for all the help!

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