Where To Send My Crypto That Is On Binance?

What is the best way to get rid of my binance balances?

Can I have a paid subscription for this service?

Thank you! Hi,I’ve been a long time user. However a while ago I was using a private key for one of my BTC addresses and I forgot to secure it after moving funds from altcoin exchanges. It doesn’t take much to breach security in these situations due to the nature of the service.I sent 250k tokens from Binance to my own personal wallet via WRT, but when I went back to send more funds it said that they were not available at all. My balance was shown as 0 on Binance despite them being there previously.I know that anyone can look up your name address or public key at any time from any other computer – so I know how risky it is. But what should I do about using an exchange like Binance with coins initially purchased off an altcoin exchange?Should I try contacting their support again and let them know the problem yet again? Hopefully this will be solved without having too many complaints going forward – although if they don’t respond after three weeks then lets see if we can still achieve our end goal enough people use Binance through WRT specifically because of their complete lack of user concerns regarding security issues :vIs there anyway that i can still move these coins around ? How do i transfer coins into WRT btc? Are they automatically insured/stored somewhere since they are now