Where To Store Ethereum Classic?

You can store Ethereum Classic on a hardware wallet such as TREZOR or Ledger. In the case of Ledger, it is also possible to use their Nano S Hardware Wallet by connecting it with your computer. This would be another option if you want to buy an existing HARDWARE WALLET for this currency after a certain period of time. But make sure that you transfer ETC from any exchange which does not provide backup options of your currency in the event of a problem with using your device or wallet. LiveEdu offers simple and secure storage of ETC currency through their wallets integration system which allows tracing all transactions made with ETH, BTC and other top coins used in trading platforms such as Poloniex, Bittrex etc. Also buying Ethereum Classic from them increases security over the amount transferred because they will freeze funds until refund transactions are done through their support team.

How do I safely store Ethereum Classic?

You only need to contact our support and we will give you steps to follow in order to safely transfer and store ETH & ETC securely in Ethereum Classic’s LiveEdu Wallet including all aspects needed for quick access when required at any given time