Where Will Bitcoin Be In 10 Years?

If bitcoin is not worthless, it’s likely to be the currency of choice for the future.

First, it will become easier for people to buy and hold large amounts of bitcoin if its market price rises substantially. Enabling this may involve using third-party services that allow buying at a single exchange or consolidating several exchanges into one order book. The more tools people have, the bigger their assets end up being.

Second, instability is common with cryptocurrencies now because they are so new. Over time, the community is sure to work out various kinks and improve security practices so hackers can’t target these networks as often. As their reputation grows, users will trust them more and find ways around damaging attacks even faster than they do presently due to better technology adoption rates. This will lead to an increase in demand similar to traditional commodities like gold or oil that complement other investments during volatile times but aren’t affected by those changes directly (and hold their value over long periods). All this activity helps build confidence in investors who can see how millions of dollars are effectively at risk without having equivalent exposure thanks to blockchain-based solutions like multi-signature wallets or smart contracts with escrow accounts (relational databases with checks built into them). That means fewer lives will be lost by would-be thieves trying tombstoning on dark net sites looking for easy pickings among panic victims scrambling through digital wastelands with nothing left behind but dumb luck like they’re Alice Cooper or something?