Which Crypto Coin Is Easy To Mine?

The easiest and probably the most profitable way is to generate your cryptocurrency on a website like cryptonightpool.com (you can also use www.minikube.io). You just install VirtualBox on your Windows or Mac machine, then follow the instructions for installing Minikube on that machine and you’re good to go. Alternatively, there is solocryptocz.co site which allows you to mine with Nvidia GPUs on their hosted mining pool without installing anything on Linux distro or using VirtualBox/VMware/KVM:

I am wondering what one would need to do in order to trade crypto-coins? What exchanges do you recommend for this?

You will definitely need some crypto-exchange so we suggest CEX.IO – they are quick, reliable and have great customer support! Or visit www.kraken.com which provides very low transaction fees plus appears to be better at providing customer support than other exchanges due its rapid value-changing nature! Other user reviews are generally positive but it’s really down to individual personal preference when deciding which exchange is best for you. Quick simple guide here: https://www.cex . io/knowledge_base/what_is_a_t rade . html

Can I pay my bills through Crypto coins? Do you think that’ll happen soon enough? If not, could miners receive commissions from these payments because I’m sure the amount of transactions taking