Which Crypto To Buy For Long-Term?

Q: What’s a good passive income?

A: If you check the comments in the original Reddit post, you’ll see a bunch of people asking for guidance on where to buy XRP. So I’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of sites that offer XRP fast and easily at prices that are fair and reasonable. Their approach is solid and they’re still alive. Here’s our top picks:

Coinbase (USD) / GDAX (USD) – Buy BTC, ETH & LTC with Credit or Debit Card. Free$10 into Coinbase or $100 into GDAX. Deposits sent within 60 seconds and transfers within 2 hours! Fastest Cryptocurrency Exchange by far! No verification needed, no paperwork! Express & Safe delivery Worldwide!. Easy-to-use platform, great support team available via phone, email or chat if you need help!. Accept credit cards | USD Wallet | Instant PayPal (not direct PayPal). Have your credit card handy while using Coinbase to buy cryptocurrency. Check whether your card works at https://www.coinbase.com/card/ before buying other cryptocurrencies such as XRP on Coinbase.. The fast transfer times puts it above other altcoins like Zcash; however one must realize this exchange does not allow Ether trading pairings with Litecoin and Ripple yet… The interface makes it easy to use but also requires some time getting used to it… I’m happy with my experience so far