Which Crypto To Buy Today For Short Term?

I am not a newbie to crypto trading really not a newbie and have no problem if you need more info as I am very open with questions but those warning needs to be put under the post so future readers don’t get caught out.

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MemberActivity: 196Merit: 10 Re: ![altcoincash][airdrop][info] April 04, 2018, 01:59:18 PM #19 Quote from: cryptomarketeer on March 30, 2018, 09:53:11 AM Is it better to buy alto coins at low price or wait for time because there will be an another coin could stake in the same cycle without any cost? altcoins are running away now days but still they come! would like to know your well founded opinion after doing some research.. Thank You man! Be prepared!! Good luck fellow lakers!! Or should i hold them until i sell them within few weeks? Don’t know what to do Best alternative suggestion please….. (BTC – LTC – ETH) Wallets everywhere … Your choice!!! Hope you understand what best solution is Redeem Fast, then Buy Altcoins Low Price…. Or wait for next staking cycle… To repeat… It’s up tp u guys…. Don’t be disappointed If u missed ALT COIN