Which Crypto Will Grow The Most In 2021?

The big question is: which crypto will grow the most in 2021?

What a year it has been. In the last calendar year, from January 1st to December 31st, we have seen hundreds of cryptocurrencies rise and fall through the market at an amazing rate. It seems as though no cryptocurrency was safe from this volatility. The main question that remains unanswered now is: what cryptocurrency will be on top in 2021? 2017 could only give us vague hints, especially since most coins lost over 90% of their value during that year (months prior to 2017). However, even if some coins are up for grabs again next year, they may not do so without some more help than just themselves. We may therefore introduce ourselves into 2018 with a new prediction for how this market might react over the coming months of 2018 compared to 2020’s market predictions…

3. Which Altcoin Will Reach $1 Billion Market Cap First? Let’s go back to our first three market predictions of 2018 for something different by looking at which coin will reach $1 billion first (after Ethereum). Obviously no one can tell you exactly where each coin goes on average within the next 12 months but let’s take each coin into account individually and try to guess how they would move throughout 2019; then early 2020; then late 2020; then by 2022; then by 2024; then down through 2028….we hope!

4. What is The Most Promising Crypto