Which Currency Of Xrp Is Worth The Most?

xrp or btc?

EDITED: I meant to say that for the first time ever on this forum, someone wore “I love Bitcoin and XRP” shirt in a post (it was in January 2013…).

Is it like any other cryptocurrency project in the sense of setting up a revolutionary product and services to improve upon traditional fiat systems? Of course not. Some people wouldn’t see it as revolutionary if we were only talking about an alt-currency but when we add distributed ledger technology (Bitcoin core vs sidechains vs enterprise solutions like IBM, Microsoft etc.) into the mix, who knows what’s possible. I think all cryptocurrencies should be treated equally though when studying them from a long term investment perspective; however there are groups that benefit much more than others and there is no way I would invest any significant amount in competitor currencies because I believe they don’t have enough to promote globally and become mainstream. Is Ripple worth $1bn at some point?, probably not.. BUT who knows what could happen we developers keep adding new features to ripple!We will see Ripples value increasing with each passing day. If the banks all worldwide start using Ripple instead of SWIFT, then definitely xrp would be worth $10bn by mid 2017!When central banks around the world use Ripple for their cross border payments & settlement,then think how much xrp will be worth!It just goes to show you can never know until something happens… Personally i’m