Which Is More Secure, Binance Or Bittrex?

When I express my opinions, to anyone, it’s usually that one of the three cryptocurrency exchanges should be used to trade Bitcoins. Only Binance can assure you trading with Bitcoins is just like trading fiat currencies which are globally accepted and traded across the world.

All other exchange can get hacked at any time or get shut down by any government. The only thing they want us to do is put our hard earned money in their pockets which is unethical and immoral.

I wouldn’t recommend any altcoin to invest in except Bitcoin which has less than 1% of market share so far but there are some potential buy-side projects that could steal the limelight after ICOs finish if they become successful enough because 90% of all capital raised during ICOs goes back into dev team pocket while the rest 10% gets burnt (to raise funds for future dev teams).