Which Of The Terms Listed Below Refers To An Example Of A Crypto-Malware??


Hidden cryptocurrency mining software disguised as a media streaming app. It can be delivered by a variety of special applications, such as cracked versions of the “Netflix” application and very popular games. After installation, this threat is used to generate cryptocurrencies for hackers on the Internet. Stealthy invisible mining malware that uses your computer’s processing power without any additional attention from you at all, as it works in the background. They also use your computer’s resources to mine Cryptocurrency for malicious actors instead of doing something useful with those resources like listening to music or playing some video games. Malicious sites that serve malicious payloads that are designed to infiltrate a user’s machine and steal private information, install a crypto-mining program and/or steal money from their bank accounts using advanced techniques such as Brute Force attacks, Man In The Middle attacks etc. A crypto-currency system which employs cryptography specifically designed for use by digital currency systems aka cryptocurrencies – examples include Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR) and BitConnect Coin (BCC). A scam asking victims send money into an e-mail address listed on the webpage which is later rerouted through various domains linked to criminals masquerading as Amazon gift cards. This type of fraud is most common during the holiday season when many consumers receive gift cards and typically sell them online or even directly at retail stores claiming their ‘service’ payment will be via Amazon gift card